All payments should be made to be received by us prior to start of paid service date. Electronic bills are issued 10 days before due date and can be viewed in the users area of our website. Users can select the method of payment that suits them best:
  • PayPal. Free and secure online credit card payment.
  • Bank transfer
  • Bank or personal cheque
  • Money order


OzUP has unconditional 30 days money back guarantee starting from the date of first time activation of account.
We also fully refund unused prepaid services if we receive user's refund notice at least three days before the prepaid service start date.


We inform clients if their usage of resources is nearing the limits. If resources usage exeeds limit, account can be upgrated to the next higher plan.

Account upgrade/downgrade

Account can be upgraded or downgraded by user request efectively from next paydate. A user that requires an upgrade or downgrade should request it at least three days before the date.

Account termination

Account can be terminated by user request effective from next payday. Users should issue a termination notice at least three days before the paydate. In that case all unused prepaid services will be refunded.

OzUP reserves the right to terminate any account that is not prepaid for the current period of time.

Accounts with undesired or unlawful content and/or activities can be terminated at any time, without prior notice or refund.

Undesired content and activities

OzUP doesn't tolerate any mass mailing (excluding reasonable usage of mailists) spam, adult, rude, or offensive content on sites or emails hosted or generated from users accounts; any activities that could compromise our service and other client' accounts privacy, security and stability. If that happens, we reserve the right to take any or all of next steps to stop it:
  • Issue warning
  • Suspend account(s)
  • Terminate account(s)
  • Refuse refund requests

Unlawful content and activities

Any unlawful content and/or activities are strictly prohibited for all OzUP accounts. Accounts with unlawful content or activities would be terminated without prior notice or refund.

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